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For Immediate Release

Spark09 is a full-day ideas conference to take place on March 28, 2009 at the Shanghai World Financial Centre (SWFC) in Shanghai, China. Spark09 is not just an entire day of presentations and interaction – it is a catalyst that will ignite ideas and help propel Shanghai back into a positive state-of-mind, based on the four topics of Humanity, Environment, Business and Science.

Spark09 features industry leaders, non-profit pioneers and a selection of brilliant individuals who have successfully found unique solutions to real problems, either in China or abroad and are willing to share their learnings.

“I run a training firm, and our industry is the equivalent of a canary in a mine, when it comes to the state of the economy," said Morry Morgan, the chief organizer behind the conference. "It's in my own personal interest to get Shanghai out of this melancholy and back into it's focus on growth. The only thing stopping this is a lack of creative thinking, and that was why Spark09 was born."

A unique Twelve hours of invigorating speeches, networking, idea sharing, meeting new people from different areas and industries, giving to charity, and creating a spark in these turbulent times. All talks are designed to fascinate, inspire and ignite new pathways for their listeners. Special networking stations will provide additional stimulus to make new contacts and explore different approaches to the topics.

Speeches and conversations to spark imaginations

Topics will include:

  • Measuring Carbon footprint
  • Buildings that defy science
  • Road Traffic Safety in China
  • Micro-financing and it's link to reducing pollution
  • Sichuan spice project to save the Pandas
  • Environmental Buildings
  • One Laptop Per Child project
  • Solving building design

Morgan continued, “New ideas often come from surprising sources, and are often the amalgamation of from radically different types of thinkers. By combining experts from the fields of Humanity, Environment, Business, and Science we aim to make Spark09 a catalyst for new ideas. It made sense to hold the event at the SWFC because it itself is an awe-inspiring piece of architecture and a reminder of how news ideas have shaped Shanghai, and China."

All proceeds to charity

All proceeds from Spark09 will be donated to charity. Every delegate attending can choose from one of six designated charities to donate their proceeds to, including:

  • 51SIM
  • Life Line Shanghai
  • WWF
  • Unicef
  • Reach for the Sky
  • XinXing Orphan Charity

“We are really pleased to be working with Spark09 and think it is an incredible idea to hold it in Shanghai.” said WWF.

The start of something big

Spark09is the first of an annual series of conferences meant to ignite ideas and conversations. Speech highlights will be made available on the website, which will also serve as a source of further conversation through forums and blogs.


Venue: Shanghai World Financial Centre (SWFC) Forum

Date: March 28, 2009

Time: 10 am-10 pm

Theme: Igniting new ideas, opportunities and potential in 2009

Ticket price: 400 RMB

Website: www.spark09.com

How to purchase tickets

Go to www.spark09.org and contact andy.anderson@clarkmorgan.com 137.953.41334

About the organizer

"Learning effectively can only be achieved through a program that addresses the specific needs of the trainee, and that is taught in a way that perpetuates the desire to learn." ClarkMorgan Mission Statement.

We enable the professional evolution of people within an organisation by listening to the needs of our clients and developing customised solutions that are immediately practical and improve their effectiveness in the market.

Founded in 2001 by Mr. Andy Clark and Mr. Morry Morgan, ClarkMorgan has grown to be the biggest corporate training company in Mainland China and Hong Kong consisting of over 70 full time staff in eight cities.

Today ClarkMorgan's value proposition is to "evolve people", for both our clients as well as inside our organisation. We achieve this by defining best practices, developing the skills of both our staff and our clients, acquiring knowledge and technology to improve practices, and finally, sharing our knowledge with clients and vendors.

This commitment culminated in the award of 'Training Firm of the Year' at the 10th Annual China Staff Awards in 2007.

Organizer: ClarkMorgan Training

Major Sponsors: Adsmith China, Studio Marque, InHouse Web, Bright Shadow Films

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